Get your unfinished paper submitted before the end of the year!


Do you or one of your colleagues have an unfinished paper? Edanz can get it completed & ready for submission!

Send us any unfinished manuscript and we will prepare a report detailing what is needed to get it ready for submission.


For example, Edanz will provide you with a full package:

  • Expert writing guidance - editing of your manuscript + an Edanz Expert will help develop any incomplete sections of your manuscript

  • Journal Selection - if you don’t have a target journal, we will find the most suitable journal for you

  • Formatting of your manuscript to meet the target journal requirements

  • Submission documents - we will prepare all documents needed for submission (Cover Letter and any other required documents)


Submit your details through the form below and will send you a full report on what is necessary to get your manuscript ready for submission by the year-end*.

*Delivery time subject to change depending on the amount of work required.

Please upload your manuscript, draft, or other document.
Please upload any supporting documents e.g., comments from the journal editor or reviewers.