Edanz promotes ethical research publishing in Tokyo, Japan

Edanz promotes ethical research publishing in Tokyo, Japan


On 21 December 2016, Edanz Group was invited to lead an interactive workshop on research publishing ethics for 20 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan.

The workshop was part of the university's training program for new researchers to promote a healthy research environment and encourage continuing professional development. Led by Dr Trevor Lane (Education Consultant and Senior Publishing Consultant at Edanz), the half-day event included a slide presentation, worksheets and activities for small-group discussion, and whole-class analysis of typical institutional research scenarios.

Participants, who were mostly from the division of system design management, said they found the session useful and appreciated the range of topics as well as handouts of ethical issues to be aware of at each stage of research. The workshop covered a wide variety of scenarios, from grant application to the conduct of research, data handling, decision to publish, transparent and honest reporting, authorship and citation, conflicts of interest, and proper declarations including acknowledgements.

The question-and-answer session gave an opportunity for the audience to share their concerns, advice, and experience. Some of the questions touched on avoiding publication bias by publishing negative or null results, the relationship between publishing at conferences and publishing in journals, and avoiding so-called predatory journals and emails designed to scam early-career researchers.


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