Steven Thompson

  • Steven Thompson

    1988 - MAT Biology, Northern Arizona University

    1978 - BS Biology and Chemistry, Northern Arizona University

    Mr Thompson’s professional career began as a project associate in Bruce McFadden's enzymology lab at Washington State University where he studied sequence analysis and became an expert in the use of the Genetic Computer Group's Wisconsin Package. For 10 years he worked at Washington State University’s Center for Visualization, Analysis and Design in the Molecular Sciences, developing and teaching courses and workshops in bioinformatics. Mr Thompson also became involved with the Marine Biological Laboratory's Molecular Evolution Workshop at Woods Hole, Massachusetts, where for 17 years he was a course instructor. He has also taught courses and workshops for the Genetics Computer Group and at institutions throughout the US, including Florida State University, the University of Florida, Iowa State University, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Valdosta State University, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mr Thompson has published several book chapters and peer-reviewed research journal articles. He joined the Edanz Group as an editor in 2013.