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Dr Andrew Jackson (Senior Editor) and Mr Alan Purvis (Editor) from Edanz Group held three days of interactive writing workshops for doctoral students at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, on 13-15 September 2016.


Which of the following is/are correct in scientific writing?

  1. The scores were not averaged since we found many outliers.
  2. The students said they did not study since they sat the final examination.
  3. The teachers last taught in 2000 and did not teach since then.
  4. The teachers said they taught since 30 years.

Universities need a systematic way of ensuring all researchers are trained in conducting and reporting research, journal publication, and publishing ethics, said Edanz Group senior representatives at the second annual conference of the Research Managers and Administrators Network - Japan (RMANJ) in Fukui, Japan, on 1 September 2016.

In June to August 2016, Edanz Group (known as Liwenbianji in China) organized two summer seminar tours in China for early-career researchers, focusing on the Beijing area.


Which of the following is/are correct in scientific writing?

  1. The mean score among the students was 20. The score among the staff was 10 however.
  2. This study used a small sample. Our previous study however used a large sample.
  3. This interview study reveals varied responses from 10 students, however small group data cannot be generalized.
  4. The interview responses from the students however small the group reveal problems with the new policy.

Edanz Group is pleased to announce that its Education Director and Senior Publishing Consultant, Dr Trevor Lane, has been elected as a Council Member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the world’s main organization promoting ethical journal publishing.

Dr Lane won the seat on COPE Council in June 2016 in an election held among COPE’s more than 10,000 membership to fill eight council vacancies. During his three-year voluntary post as a Council Member, he will help carry out COPE’s operational activities and contribute to the committee’s policy making and management.

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