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Standard Editing
  • Native English Editor
  • Language editing for correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure
  • Correct & natural word usage check
  • Tables & figures and references edited for spelling, grammar, and consistency
  • Full transparency: always know who edits your document
  • Fast 3 day turnaround
Which service should I use?
  • Choose Standard Editing if:

    you are confident about the structure of your manuscript and are looking for a final language and grammar check before submission.

  • Choose Expert Editing if:

    your manuscript needs an in-depth edit to improve the structure and flow, and to ensure appropriate technical terminology and phrasing.

Expert Editing
All Standard Editing features, PLUS:
  • Native English Editor who is an expert in your scientific field
  • Improve readability by editing for consistency, clarity, and conciseness
  • Check logic of sentences
  • Edit to the guidelines of your target journal
  • Terminology check: ensure correct terminology is used
  • Figure, table, and reference editing
  • Advice from the editor about how to improve the manuscript
  • Free 2nd round of editing
  • Editor Q&A: you can ask questions and check with the editor about the edit
  • Edanz Editing Certificate (on request)

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For documents over 18,000 words, please contact us for a custom quote.

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Standard Editing
The minimum word count is 500 words.
Please use Expert Editing for documents over 7500 words.
Returned to you in 3 days
Expert Editing

First time using Edanz?

In our 20+ years experience, we have developed a trusted relationship with the scientific community.  We understand the research process and are with you every step of the way, which is why authors worldwide trust Edanz to help them prepare their research for publication.

With Edanz, you can be confident in submitting your manuscript to any international journal.

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    Choose your word count and upload your documents to our secure servers.

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    An expert editor will carefully edit your manuscript for grammar, accuracy of scientific expression, and ensure the language is clear and natural.

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    Your submission-ready documents can be downloaded from your secure Edanz account.

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What is the difference between Standard Editing and Expert Editing?


Standard Editing checks spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Natural word usage and sentence structure are also checked and corrected. Standard Editing is performed by an experienced native-English speaking Edanz Editor.


Expert Editing includes all features of Standard Editing, but is performed by a native-English speaking editor who is an expert in your scientific field. The expert editor will also check the internal logic of your sentences, ensure that field-specific terms are used correctly, and check that the structure of your manuscript is correct. You will also receive suggestions about how to further improve the manuscript. Editing of tables & figures and references is included.

The expert editor will also use the guidelines of your target journal to edit your manuscript appropriately. You can also request a free 2nd round of editing before submitting to your journal. A re-edit after submission is available at 50% of the regular rate.

Do I have to wait for a price quote?

No. Our prices are set in advance based on your total word count, the services you choose, and your desired turnaround time. If you need a formal quote for your institution, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide one.

How do I calculate the word count of my manuscript?

The word count of your documents includes the text, tables & figures, and references.

Tables & figures and references: if you don't want these edited, please remove these from your document. You can use the word count function in Microsoft Word to determine your word count.

How will my tables & figures and references be edited?

Standard Editing

Your tables & figures and references will be edited for spelling, grammar and consistency.

Expert Editing

Tables & Figures

We will:

  • Check and correct the spelling/language of the text within the tables/figures and legends
  • Check that the style and formatting conform with the target journal's instructions for authors, or are consistent if there is no target journal


We will edit the reference list at the end of your document: spelling and punctuation, typography, spacing, and reducing the number of author names. We won't change the format, find missing author names, or check the validity or accuracy of the reference. We will:

  • Correct spelling and punctuation as per target journal instructions
  • Adjust typography (e.g., bold, italics) as per target journal instructions
  • Correct spacing, replace Asian characters, correct journal title style guide
  • Reduce the number of listed author names in references as per journal requirements
  • Correct the in-text citation style as per target journal instructions

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