What Edanz does

Do you need in-depth support from an expert while working on your manuscript before or after the peer review process? With this service, an Edanz expert can help you with:

  • Complete language rewriting and restructuring
  • Revising your manuscript after peer review
  • Adding additional text, and also reducing text
  • changing article type

For the difference between 'editing' and 'author-guided rewriting,' see here. For Edanz author-guided rewriting examples, see here.

What we need

Please send us as much information as you can. We ensure its confidentiality: our privacy and confidentiality policies are here.

  • Journal editor's comments
  • Reviewers' comments
  • Your new target journal (if you have chosen)
  • The history of your paper: has it been rejected? If so, from which journal and when?
  • Supporting or supplementary information, including figures and/or tables